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STUDIO YUVA is a London-based ceramics brand that specialises in crafting exclusive handmade objects. While offering an existing curated collection, the essence of the brand lies in the unique opportunity for customers to actively collaborate, ensuring that products are not just handmade but also tailor-made to meet individual input and wishes. STUDIO YUVA caters to the individual needs of clients, interior designers, and restaurants, ensuring that every piece is one-of-a-kind and made to order.

- Eda Posthumus Meyjes - Yurdakul

Studio Yuva - Moon jar 2.jpg


Studio Yuva - Eda Posthumus Meyjes-Yurdakul.jpg

Eda Posthumus Meyjes-Yurdakul is a London based ceramicist and the founder of STUDIO YUVA, a ceramics brand for handmade ceramic objects. Eda specialises in hand-building techniques, crafting a variety of ceramic objects, including bowls, vases, and tableware. Her work celebrates organic shapes, deep, enduring colours, and timeless designs. Eda believes that functional items should not only serve their purpose but should also carry a genuine character and authenticity. Each piece is either handcrafted in small batches or made to order, ensuring that every item is distinct and reflects the intentional imperfection inherent in her artistic approach.

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