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Sustainability is a fundamental priority for us, and we actively demonstrate this commitment by establishing partnerships with eco-conscious carriers. This approach extends to all our shipments, encompassing both domestic and international deliveries within and outside the UK.
Responsible design

​At STUDIO YUVA, we are committed to building our brand in a responsible and sustainable way and we aim to have minimal required impact on our environment. From our suppliers and materials, to labelling and packaging, we are constantly seeking ways to make positive changes.


​At STUDIO YUVA, we create unique, handmade pieces using responsibly sourced 100% earthenware clay from the UK and Spain. In our efforts to minimise waste, any leftover clay from the creation process is reclaimed and reused for the next batch of pieces. By doing so, we are able to maximise output while minimising our impact on the environment. 


We select suppliers for our packaging and marketing materials that adhere to one of the following circular frameworks: compostable, recycled, or reusable.

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